Map Styles and Blank Spots

Originally posted on World Builder Blog:
You might remember when the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Open Gaming License was announced I put out a call for cartographers. It is time to buckle down and finish¬†the Exploration Age Campaign Guide. For those who need a quick refresher, Exploration Age is my¬†campaign setting that takes place in the world of Canus. Canus is rife with political… Continue reading Map Styles and Blank Spots

Age of Star Wars: All about that gear

This marks a significant milestone in developing the ruleset. Unfortunately, this also announces a bit of a hiatus for the blog as I will be devoting most of my outside time elsewhere. Some people have asked for a playtest document, and nothing would make me happier than to distribute one but if it is going to be done, it needs to be done right. One … Continue reading Age of Star Wars: All about that gear