July Hiatus and Giveaway Announcement

Hi everyone! The month of July has been much busier than anticipated. New house and new job, all very exciting but really demanding on time I would otherwise dedicate here. I will be peaking in here and responding to comments, so please keep the questions coming! Also, below are links to a few of threads on Green Ronin that I will be following and where you should also feel free to leave your feedback.

Age of Star Wars Forum Thread

Expanded Classes Forum Thread

Age of Star Wars GIVEAWAY!

Even though it is in its very early stages, I will be getting the color print version of the Age of Star Wars rules bound and will be making an extra copy or two that I will be giving away. This probably will not be until around the winter holidays and details will be forthcoming as time draws nearer.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and looking forward to getting back at it in August!

2 thoughts on “July Hiatus and Giveaway Announcement

  1. Have a great time away and congrats on the new house and new job! Can’t wait for more details on the Age of Star Wars giveaway!

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