AGE-SystemMass Effect: Polyhedron Core Rulebook

Mass Effect: Polyhedron Character Sheet

Mass Effect: Polyhedron Enemy & NPC Codex

Star Wars: AGE of the Empire (4/12/2017)
A Fantasy AGE adaptation of the Star Wars universe. This is a big file, so may take a while to load. This is also updated from the initial release, here is what changed.

Star Wars Character Sheet (4/7/2017)
A sheet to record the exploits of your AGE of Star Wars character. This version excludes Force as an ability and includes ranges for weapons.

Age of Star Wars: Forcepowers Reference
A helpful reference with some errata.

AGE of the Empire Species GM Screen Add-On
A 1-page reference sheet illustrating common species in the Star Wars universe and is the perfect size for the Fantasy Age GM’s Screen.

Fantasy Age Character Sheet featuring Luck
This character sheet includes Luck as an ability, which is described here.

Expanded Classes 2.0
Adds in dual classes (the bard, swashbuckler, and templar) along with a class archetype for each of the three original classes and a new specialization for each class. The update brings the dual classes up to level 20!