Testing Your Luck: The 10th Ability for Fantasy AGE

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire designer Jay Little. It was an incredibly educational experience and often during the discussion he spoke about the importance of being able to say “yes, and” to the players. However, I often find myself either as a player or as a GM in a situation where I or the players do not have the skills required to succeed. This especially penalizes fighter-types, who are both by play-style and design, singularly focused and lack the utility of skills or spells to help in situations outside of combat.

Not liking this dynamic and odd numbers, I decided to add a new ability to my Fantasy AGE game: Luck. It is a way for players to invest in something non-specific, that would normally be covered by a bunch of different ability focuses, that can help them out of difficult spot. It also helps the GM by giving him or her an out when the narrative at the table finds itself in a corner or an unforeseen situation warranting mitigation, such as a GM letting her player roll a Luck test after failing his Strength (Climbing) test to see if a branch breaks his fall from a tree.

What I have found is that it gives me a lot more wiggle room to say “yes, and” to my players. There is a very good chance of Luck being abused by the players, having a single ability that covers the gamut is very OP. This is why it is important that the GM is calls for testing Luck, that way he or she has the ability to assess and re-orient the flow of the game to where he or she wanted it to go.

Rolling 3 of a Kind: Triples rarely happens, but adding in Luck to your Stunt Points can give the GM and the players a quick and easy way of representing how this is better than your standard stunt. Since Fantasy AGE is not focused on providing a realistic simulation of reality, the potential hijinks this will cause will not disrupt the game.

Character Sheet: FantasyAge_CharacterSheet_v04_Fillable, a new character sheet that adds in Luck.

5 thoughts on “Testing Your Luck: The 10th Ability for Fantasy AGE

  1. Just been looking at the Expanded Classes ver. 1.5 fantasy age and i like it, was just wondering what the master level of the Swashbuckler specialization Dervish was..I look forward to any reply


    1. Gosh, really sorry for the late response. I have been working on formatting Age of the Empire for print and have not had the chance to correct the Swashbuckler. Master Dervish is, “Master: You can quickly dash in and out of danger. You can move up to your total speed when you use the Charge action, rather than only half as is normal. Also, you can make the attack at any point during your movement but after you move away at half speed.”


  2. Hi there ! I really really like the layouts of your character sheet and would defenitively like to use it with my group of players. However, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the “Luck” ability.

    That being said, would it be possible to make another sheet w/out the extra ability ? ‘Cause this is hands down the best character sheet available out there for Fantasy Age !

    Thanx for your time Dustin 🙂


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