New Background – Cursed

James has made some awesome backgrounds and this is such a common fantasy trope that seeing it here makes it feel left out, and the execution on such a wide concept that much more impressive.

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So this month I’ve created some Halloween themed backgrounds for PCs. I’ve already revealed the possessed, lycanthrope, and dead  backgrounds. Now it’s time for me to show off the cursed background.


You lived with some sort of curse for years. How you got the curse and what the curse was are up to you. You can create the details with your DM or you may roll or choose them from the table below.

As a cursed person you once suffered from a magic problem so rare it’s almost unique. This curse could have been placed on you by a spellcaster or magic monster like a genie or hag. Or maybe caught the curse while trespassing in an ancient tomb or vault or because you accidentally killed a sacred animal or offended the servant of a god in some way. How you caught your curse and how…

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