The blog of a Minnesota-based tabletop game enthusiast, hobbyist game designer, and exhausted registered nurse. I enjoy jogging around Minneapolis’ lakes, hiking/camping, tabletop roleplaying, MTG, comics, video games, Lovecraft, and spending time with my wife and our baby daughter. What you will find on here are my tabletop roleplaying homebrews, especially for D&D 5E and Fantasy AGE, reposts of terrific blogs and bloggers, and a few other projects, such as Star Wars: AGE of the Empire. Be sure to follow or come back to see what I’m working on.
Thanks for stopping by and happy gaming!

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  1. Awesome blog!

    I am just getting into RPG gaming and more specifically the Fantasy AGE system. I started by ordering the Fantasy AGE rule book, the Titansgrave book, the dragon age book as well as some additional content for each of the world’s.

    I stumbled upon your Age of Star Wars content and look forward to checking that out as well.

    Cheers from Canada!

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    1. Hey Nathan, thanks! Glad to hear it. Fantasy AGE has been really great for the group I game with and hopefully you will find things on here that are useful for your game as well.


  2. Hello,
    I just wanted to say thanks for making this Star Wars version of Fantasy Age. I have played the Dragon Age Version and through some tricks from the DreadWolf. There gonna be “transported” to the Star Wars Universe. Is it a Dream? Who knows. There was a few points that I would like to point out. The Linguists talent, the amount of Languages needs to be expanded since there is a lot of them unless I read it wrong. The Character sheet also is nice but it needs more room for things. I did get a player made character sheet for Dragon Age if your interested in looking at it. I can e-mail it to you. There is more but I don’t want to make a novel. Thanks for doing this again.



    1. Hey Brutus, thanks for your interest! As for the Linguistics talent, you are totally right and reflects early on with my home playtest group. They were on Coruscant and everyone they ran into knew Basic, so it was not included. More languages did get included and I see you posted more questions on the Green Ronin message boards, so I will finish up my response there. Thanks again for stopping by!


  3. Hey man, I just came across your site. As a fellow tabletop enthusiast I appreciate all the work you have done in your system. I myself started using Fantasy Age just recently and I fell in love with it, and now after seeing your Star Wars adaptation I am even more ecstatic to give it a try. I am going to be perusing your blog all night. So much for sleep lol

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  4. Hello,
    I was just wondering, since you have done a great job with Star Wars, I know you have a lot on your plate, have you considered doing a Mass Effect version of AGE. As far as I know there isn’t one done but there is mass effect for other systems.

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    1. Actually, there is a Mass Effect version of AGE out there. I do not have the link, but its out there. It had ‘Charon’ in the name? Sorry, I know that is not much help.


  5. Hey, Love the work you did on Age of Star Wars. I was just curious if a form fillable character sheet will be available sometime?


    1. It is certainly on the list. There is this landscape character sheet for the Dragon Age RPG but that has been floating around and I want to reformat it for AGE of the Empire.


  6. I still have a question about Power Packs. There is no listing of how many shots a weapon gets before the power pack is depleted or needs to be recharged. The PDF states “However, some weapons are so demanding on their power supplies that they are only capable of firing a
    certain number of times before their power packs need to be changed out. If you do not reach this shot limit before the end of the combat, your power packs have time to cool and recover from the drain and do not need replacing.


    1. Yep, admittedly its probably needlessly complicated and is a holdover from previous renditions of how Star Wars has been interpreted. The answer to you question is on page 37 under Reload, ” In order to make an attack with this weapon, you must have it loaded and this gives the action required for doing so. Also included is the number of attacks in parenthesis that is permissible until the weapon needs to be loaded again.” For example, your power packs are still good if you do not fire a blaster cannon more than 5 times during a single combat encounter.


  7. Hi Dustin,
    Have you considered making a setting like in the Clone War era and KOTOR era? I know there is a few issues with those time frames.


    1. AGE of the Old Republic is something I would like to do some time down the line. AGE of Destiny, which would raise the level cap to 20, is also something on the to-do list. These would also be supplements and not full-blown books like AGE of the Empire, because the more things change in SW, the more they tend to stay the same…


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