AGE of Omens

Hello everyone! I have been away for quite a while and with the new year, I have been taking stock and wanting to be more engaged than I have been. I have not always been able to run the games I have wanted or how I have wanted this past year, but as a nurse during this pandemic, gaming has been a much needed distraction … Continue reading AGE of Omens

The New Swashbuckler

After finishing up with Sword Skills, I decided to take one last crack at my take on the swashbuckler. Out of the 3 dual classes for AGE, I felt like the swashbuckler was the most lacking, in large part because sword skills feels like the piece that was missing. Enjoy! SWASHBUCKLER (Rogue/Warrior) Primary Abilities: Accuracy, Communication, Constitution, and Dexterity Secondary Abilities: Fighting, Intelligence, Perception, Strength, … Continue reading The New Swashbuckler

Sword Skills for AGE

Spellcasters in RPGs get all the fun. I wanted a way to bring a little complexity to AGE for non-casters that also conveyed the versatility of swordplay. After a couple iterations and helpful suggestions, I think I have something that really works. Like everything though, you don’t really know until it’s tested. I have taken a bit of hiatus from AGE, but am looking to … Continue reading Sword Skills for AGE

Age of the Old Republic Preview: Advanced Force Powers

Been playing through KOTOR as part of my research for this project. Advance Force Powers require the Force-user to be familiar with more basic powers before learning them, much like spells work in Dragon AGE. However, unlike regular Force Powers, Advanced Force Powers can only be used ONCE per combat encounter. Kind of like your big boom daily powers. BATTLE MEDITATION (Senses) Prerequisite: Inspire Target … Continue reading Age of the Old Republic Preview: Advanced Force Powers

Lost Citadel Magic: Wizard and Sorcerer Archetypes

Green Ronin is holding a talent search for their new setting. Dark fantasy settings are something that have always intrigued me and I found myself coming up with these before reading the fine print. And so, I share what would have been part of my submission with you. This also marks a change on the blog, as I am going to try to write more for … Continue reading Lost Citadel Magic: Wizard and Sorcerer Archetypes

The Stuff I Like (And You Might Like Too)

Hi everyone! I am gearing up for my next big Fantasy AGE project next Monday. I know it is not the kind of content most come here for, but I thought I would share some of the things I am interested in and following. STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE (FINAL TRAILER) Lots of foreshadowing and easter eggs in this trailer. Can not wait to see what the … Continue reading The Stuff I Like (And You Might Like Too)