FAGE: Expanded Classes Preview

In preparation for the upcoming launch of the Fantasy Age Creators’ Alliance program, the final adjustments to this long-time product are being made. If you have been following the development of this material, you will notice right off that this class was not included in any of the previous iterations. The reasoning for this is two-fold: 1) it is best to avoid making character options … Continue reading FAGE: Expanded Classes Preview

The New Swashbuckler

After finishing up with Sword Skills, I decided to take one last crack at my take on the swashbuckler. Out of the 3 dual classes for AGE, I felt like the swashbuckler was the most lacking, in large part because sword skills feels like the piece that was missing. Enjoy! SWASHBUCKLER (Rogue/Warrior) Primary Abilities: Accuracy, Communication, Constitution, and Dexterity Secondary Abilities: Fighting, Intelligence, Perception, Strength, … Continue reading The New Swashbuckler

Sword Skills for AGE

Spellcasters in RPGs get all the fun. I wanted a way to bring a little complexity to AGE for non-casters that also conveyed the versatility of swordplay. After a couple iterations and helpful suggestions, I think I have something that really works. Like everything though, you don’t really know until it’s tested. I have taken a bit of hiatus from AGE, but am looking to … Continue reading Sword Skills for AGE

Expanded Classes: Playtest Report

So this update is long overdue. The reason for the delay is because I have been playing much more Age of Star Wars. This has changed somewhat, as I am a player in a Fantasy Age game and where most of the players made characters using the expanded classes. For now though, here are some findings, observations, and impressions from the playtest. BARD This is … Continue reading Expanded Classes: Playtest Report

Rise of Machines: Androids & Archons for Fantasy Age

ANDROID Made to resemble their creators but bound to serve them, androids operate in a number of industrial and commercial purposes from menial labor to house-keeping. Androids wrestle with the meaning of their existence and against a society that does not see them as equals or recognize their individuality. They appear more or less human-like with exposed circuitry, plated skin, glowing eyes, or any number of artificial features … Continue reading Rise of Machines: Androids & Archons for Fantasy Age

Fen and Fey: Sprites for Fantasy Age

Sprites are small, winged fairies that are born in the nooks and hollows of the most ancient trees from the deep magic that can only be found within the oldest of forests. Sprites are notoriously impatient and easily distracted and primary concern is his or her own enjoyment, which includes singing, dancing, racing, and playing pranks on the unwary. Most see them as little more … Continue reading Fen and Fey: Sprites for Fantasy Age

From the Savage Swamps: Lizardfolk for Fantasy Age

I have always had a very warm place in my heart for lizardfolk. As Titansgrave took the concept in a more refined direction, I thought I would take it back towards something more primal. This is a re-work of an entry I submitted to Wayfinder, the Pathfinder fan-zine, and can be found on the Pathfinder SRD. It was the early days of Pathfinder and had … Continue reading From the Savage Swamps: Lizardfolk for Fantasy Age