What’s in a Name? Thor the Goddess of Thunder

It is difficult to say anything that has not already been said when it comes to the new Thor. I had picked up the first issue but I decided against following the initial run. I recently saw it on Marvel Unlimited and, after finishing the first seven issues, I am glad I gave it a second chance.S6cJeSg

It was not the story I was looking for but was a one that I not only enjoyed for itself, especially for how it chose to address the criticism the author anticipated it would receive: within the pages of the comic. This is furthered by really great writing, specifically in how Thor’s inner thoughts are juxtaposed with her dialogue.

At face value, the deconstruction of the Odinson (man-Thor) in the beginning smacks of a common criticism I often hear about feminism; that power, super or otherwise, must be taken away from men in order to empower women. What is realized later on though, is that it is necessary to his self-discovery of who he is without Mjolnir and answering for himself if a hero is defined by his name or his actions.

By attempting to find out the identity of the new Thor, he is also questioning his own identity. It is a really refreshing take on an old theme, as questions of identity are often reserved for characters in their teens. Mirroring this is Thor, with her new identity being tested on all sides and powering on through enemies left, right, and center with the same happy warrior attitude we come to know and love from Thor comics.

It is a great read and deserving of the critical acclaim it has been receiving. You should definitely pick it up now that the first five issues have been compiled in Thor the Goddess of Thunder.

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