Rules Update/Errata

AGE of the Empire has been out now for a couple of weeks and a few things have been brought to my attention and they are enough that it warrants an update. I am all for errata, but I would rather people have in their hands the best and most up-to-date rather than having a separate document.

Star Wars: AGE of the Empire

Here is what changed.

Species: Drall, and chadra-fan before them, were excuses for not including ewoks. Ewoks now take their rightful place.

Classes: Somehow, the fact that your specialization advanced on level 6 got missed. This has been corrected and you reach Journeyman with your specialization without skipping to master at level 8.

Loot and Wealth: Provided some guidelines at the end of Chapter 4.

Force Powers and Recharge Rolls: Now specify that recharging can only happen once per round.


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