New Background – Raised by Animals


Another great background. If you are not a fan of having to keep track of pets, I may go with something like this…
Feature: Akin to Animals
Choose one type of non-magical animal. These animals treat you as one of their own but may not be helpful or even friendly toward you. For example, gorillas may ignore your attempts to communicate and try to groom you instead, while wolves may still see you as encroaching on the packs’ territory but may choose to help you if you establish dominance or gain the respect of the alpha.

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Romulus is the founder of The Rome… he was also raised by wolves. Mowgli is the hero of often film-adapted The Jungle Book and he too was raised by animals. Mila is the main character of Karen Hesse’s The Music of Dolphins and the book’s titular animal raised her.

Loads of fictional characters were brought up by big cats, chimps, bears, and more. Why not PCs? It is with that in mind that I present the raised by animals background below! I’m just on a background kick.

Raised by Animals

When you were a child you were raised by beasts in the elements. The exact type of beast is up to you, but most often characters with this background were raised by large mammals like wolves, big cats, bears, and dolphins. Instead of ignoring or devouring you, these beasts took you in as one of their own and protected you. They taught…

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