A Fifth Path: Pathfinder Unchained

As I shared previously, there is a lot of potential to bring forth Pathfinder material into a 5th Edition D&D game. Often times, this comes with minimal work on the GM’s part and could add a good deal of variety for GMs and players that may already have a lot of systems mastery. Even though Pathfinder Unchained was meant to correct issues with the current game, it offers opportunities to expand options within D&D games without messing with the math.

Skill Unlocks: This was meant to give the unchained rogue some new tricks but gives players of either system a whole new way of treating their skills. Unlocking a skill basically turns it into a special ability, where they are capable of feats far beyond the skill’s standard use.

Alignment: Rather than the arbitrary label it is often criticized as, the variant alignment rules give a number of different ways that it can affect characters in very real ways. Dilemmas provide instances where the character’s alignment is challenged, and depending  on his or her action, is either affirmed or shifted and how this positions the character in the cosmos. It also gives options for doing away with alignment or starting out characters alignment agnostic to allow players to define their characters by their actions.

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