What Can Your D&D Game Steal from Other Games?

Just goes to show that great ideas are system agnostic.

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IntroConso was amazing. What’s that? You never heard of IntroConso? That’s because my friends and I made it up.

My great pal, fellow Tome Show podcaster, and amazing Night’s Black Agents Game Master, Rudy Basso, and I have been going to Gen Con together for the last two years. 60,000 people who are all down to roll some dice and have a great time for four days straight. We make it a point to experience a lot of new games since we play fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons a majority of the time we game. It’s always a rush to discover a new game.

We’ve been trying to get our own friends from college to go for years, but things like distance, expense, and time away from work and family make it difficult for many of our buds to attend. Last year while at Gen Con it hit me. Why not plan our own…

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