More Monsters For Fantasy Age

For those clamoring for material for Fantasy AGE, there are few options. Most of what is out there for AGE are for its predecessor and while fan projects, such as board member TUTTLE’s Mystara Bestiary. Its no replacement for official product, but this week we got some guidance from Green Ronin about the potential pitfalls of monster design. Designing in AGE is deceptively complex. Despite most rolls being … Continue reading More Monsters For Fantasy Age

When Death Isn’t (Always) The End

Originally posted on World Builder Blog:
In many Dungeons and Dragons campaigns death is merely a hurdle. In fifth edition PCs and NPCs alike can return from death with a diamond and a 3rd-level or higher spell slot. Creatures can return from death as wights, revenants, ghosts, and other more powerful undead. Now I know in most D&D worlds returning from death isn’t possible for… Continue reading When Death Isn’t (Always) The End

Mass Effect d20 Fan Project

One of the impetuses for restarting the blog is to provide an online resource for a project I have been working on for the past year. After a couple of playtest sessions, my partner and I are getting close to releasing an e-document meant to be shared with a wider audience. Although we do not have a date-certain yet for this release, we are confident … Continue reading Mass Effect d20 Fan Project