You Only Live Thrice

An excellent blog post about life & death in 5e.

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I have a bit of a problem. Some of my players have begun to look on dying as a minor inconvenience rather than the big deal it should be. You see, my players are seasoned, and know that when their PC dies, there’s always a raise dead or resurrection spell to be cast. For the most part, I’m ok with this. D&D is just a game after all, and as long as my players are having a blast, who cares if they’re coming back from the dead? But this has really begun to go too far…

When a character dies, he or she may spend a session or two playing another character while their original’s corpse spends its time gentle repose-d in a bag of holding, but eventually they find that diamond, or scroll, or rod and they’re able to bring the old character back to life. They have even begun to…

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3 thoughts on “You Only Live Thrice

    1. Oh sweet! Thanks, I’m a real big fan of the show. I’m playing a sorcerer (favored soul) with the Life domain and revivify is like my favorite spell. I’ll stay tuned in for the follow-up.

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