Project(s) Update

Hi everyone. Sorry for the absence. I will be wrapping up my annual review at work and will hopeful be getting back to everything on my to-do list soon. I have also ran into a couple of hang-ups that I want to address in the interest of full disclosure.

  1. Adventurers of Chult: The name changed because the Explorer’s Campanion to Chult was just too much of a mouthful to say and it conveys the same thing. You may have been wondering with all the previews, what ever happened to the final product? Its in layout, but unfortunately, I just have not been able to find good art for Saurials. Out of all the things I wanted to get right in this book, it was dino-people. However, I really want my first product on the DMs Guild to land with a splash. That being the case, I may have to cut them out, which is a big disappointment 😦
  2. …Star Wars? Without a doubt, the Star Wars material generates the most hits on the blog. The big slow-down with this is that I just am not playing it. The group I played with last summer has since fallen out of touch and I have been too busy to place KOTR lately to be inspired. Who knows, maybe with the Solo movie it may bring everyone back or provide inspiration.
  3. Mass Effect: Also gets a lot of hits on the blog. Has the same problem as Star Wars though. I was hoping to maybe run it at a local convention this summer, but so far I have not heard back from the organizers.
  4. Mythic AGE: I still love this idea and it is something my players have been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, it got bogged down with inventing a totally new classless system for AGE. Fortunately though, Modern AGE looks to be like it is going to address this. As this is a setting that pretty much writes itself, I imagine that it will not be long after Modern AGE is released that I will have a working version of Mythic AGE out.
  5. Ideas on the Green Ronin Forum: I have been a semi-active member on the Green Ronin forums since Dragon AGE appeared on the Will Wheaton’s show, Tabletop. I have bounced a couple of ideas, including a science fantasy game and Esoteric AGE (a 1920s noir Cthulhu horror game). These are still things I hope to work on; Esoteric AGE has the same problem (and solution) as Mythic AGE, while the science fantasy game will just need time grinding out converting it from d20 to AGE (which just takes time).

Anyway, that is it from me for now. Really hoping to get back here soon and get you all some content!

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