5 thoughts on “Eldritch AGE: An Action-Horror Roleplaying Game

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for swinging by the site. Truth be told, it has gone nowhere. I reached out to Green Ronin soon after I made the post and was told that I could not use the name. I also wanted to wait and see what they did with Modern AGE and it was not what I had in mind. Lastly, they have yet to open a community content program. So if it were one or two of those things I would be more motivated, but as it stands I am not.

      I probably will do something with action-horror some time down the line; I already bought rights to the cover art and made an InDesign template for the page layout, but it just probably will not be using the AGE system. Which is really unfortunate, since I feel like the simplicity of the system really lends itself well to drawing in newer players and stunting really captures the cinematic feel of an action-horror movie like Army of the Dead, The Mummy (1999) or Pirates of the Caribbean (not the sequels…).


      1. Thanks for the update Dustin. That really is a shame and feels like a missed opportunity. Honestly, it feels like there’s been a lot of that going around lately for AGE stuff. I’ve taken to just home-brewing everything I want. I like to make my own manuals in InDesign as well!

        Please don’t get discouraged! I like the quality and polish of your content. I check your site fairly regularly for new stuff even if I don’t play those systems. Keep up the great work!


      2. Thanks! It is very much appreciated. I still make stuff, just not nearly as often. I have a couple things on the back burner, but am really trying to wrap-up my dwarf book before moving on to anything else.


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