Species of the Galaxy

Part of the final re-write is fleshing out certain sections. The species section has seen a significant addition. Unlike other settings that try to fight the ‘cantina effect,’  SW is where it originated. With Fantasy AGE races having fewer things that differentiated them, it became more important to give each a trait that added a benefit while not merely giving an extra ability focus. UNCOMMON SPECIES … Continue reading Species of the Galaxy

Update and The Scoundrel

Unfortunately, progress on finishing up Age of Star Wars is a little behind. Life stuff aside, editing and tightening-up certain game mechanics has taken longer than expected. Not the least of these is the scoundrel class. It is the only class that has not seen a whole of playtesting. Hopefully that will change after Wednesday night when I will be running a one-shot. The class as … Continue reading Update and The Scoundrel

Jedi Specializations

GRAY JEDI Requirements: You must have Perception and Willpower 2 or higher and the Force Sensitivity (Novice) talent. There is no light or dark, only the Force. Novice: You learn the Lightsaber Weapon Group if you don’t know it already. Also, you receive a +2 bonus on ability tests to resist Force Powers and other Force-related effects. Journeyman: If you fail a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test, you can reroll it, … Continue reading Jedi Specializations

Updated Character Sheet and Release Checklist

Due to feedback and in case it went unnoticed, there is an updated version of the character sheet on the Contents page. You can also find it in link below. It also warrants an update on the progress of AGE of Star Wars as a whole. Right now, I am working on text edits, rules updates and an InDesign template. It will be made available … Continue reading Updated Character Sheet and Release Checklist

Weapon Cache: New Weapons and Weapon Mods

Weapon Damage Str. Range Reload Cost Repeaters (Accuracy) Repeating blaster 1d6+1 — S Minor (5, P) Illegal Repeating carbine 1d6+3 — M Minor (5, P) Illegal Repeating rifle 2d6+1 2 M Major (5, P) Illegal Brawling (Accuracy) Shock gloves 1d6-1 ion — Melee — 250 Stun baton 1d6+2 ion 1 Melee — 450 REPEATERS Repeaters are heavily modified versions of more commonly found blasters and … Continue reading Weapon Cache: New Weapons and Weapon Mods

Equipment of the Black Market

There are many illicit wares available in the back alleys and shadowy shops of the galaxy. These items are strictly prohibited by the Empire and dubious even among the Rebellion. The prices of these are given as ‘illegal’ because GMs should feel free to set the rarity and cost of these items themselves according to the needs of the story. Weapon Damage Str. Range Reload Cost Exotic (Accuracy) … Continue reading Equipment of the Black Market

Allies & Adversaries: Stormtroopers Part 2

IMPERIAL SHOCK TROOPER Distinguished by their red streaks over their white armor, imperial shock troopers are often used to break Rebel lines and infantry formations during large-scale battles. Imperial Shock Trooper Abilities (Focuses) 3 Accuracy (Grenades, Rifles) 0 Communication 2 Constitution (Running, Stamina) 3 Dexterity (Initiative) 2 Fighting (Vibroblades) 0 Intelligence 3 Perception 4 Strength (Jumping) 0 Willpower (Courage) Speed Health Defense Armor Rating 8 … Continue reading Allies & Adversaries: Stormtroopers Part 2

Allies & Adversaries: Threats of the Wastes

BANTHA Tusken raiders prize banthas almost as much as water. Although they can be found on numerous worlds, these large pack animals are most notable for the nearly symbiotic relationship they have with their savage riders on the deserts of Tatooine, even going so far as to perishing if the rider is slain. Bantha Abilities (Focuses) 1 Accuracy (Stamp) 0 Communication 4 Constitution (Stamina) 0 … Continue reading Allies & Adversaries: Threats of the Wastes