Weapon Cache: New Weapons and Weapon Mods

Weapon Damage Str. Range Reload Cost
Repeaters (Accuracy)
Repeating blaster 1d6+1 S Minor (5, P) Illegal
Repeating carbine 1d6+3 M Minor (5, P) Illegal
Repeating rifle 2d6+1 2 M Major (5, P) Illegal
Brawling (Accuracy)
Shock gloves 1d6-1 ion Melee 250
Stun baton 1d6+2 ion 1 Melee 450

Repeaters are heavily modified versions of more commonly found blasters and rifles, often overriding the safety features so that the power cell overheats in exchange for a more rapid rate of fire. All repeaters can make an extra Attack as a minor action. This extra attack does not add your Perception to damage and does not generate stunt points.

Repeating Blaster: The repeating blaster is a favorite of thugs and enforcers who favor a ‘spray and pray’ approach. It requires one power cell to operate.

Repeating Carbine: The repeating carbine combines the range of a rifle with the lightweight and ease of use of a blaster. It requires two power cells to operate.

Repeating Rifle: The repeating rifle is a has the best balance of heavy damage and rapid fire, but the cost of being very demanding on power cells. It requires four power cells to operate.


Shock Gloves: Reinforced with electrodes, shock gloves deliver a violent jolt with each strike. It requires two power cells to operate.

Stun Baton: Stun batons are short cudgels that are favored by Imperial Riot Troopers.


Finesse (Melee only): Weapons with the Finesse mod have the option of exchanging Dexterity for Strength on damage. Cost: 800 credits.

Knockback (Ranged only): Weapons with the Knockback mod can move a target 2 extra spaces when using the Skirmish stunt. Cost: 1,500 credits.

Heavy: Weapons with the Heavy mod take –1 to attack rolls, but gain a +1 to damage rolls. Note, that this penalty can be offset by Precision mods. Cost: 600 credits for +1/–1, 1,200 credits for +2/–2, and 3,000 credits for +3/–3.

Piercing: Weapons with the Piercing mod ignore 2 points of AR. Cost: 2,000 credits for 2 AR, 5,000 credits for 3 AR, 8,000 credits for 4 AR.

Precision: Weapons with the Precision mod always gain a +1 bonus to attack. Cost: 1,000 credits for +1, 3,000 credits for +2, and 5,000 credits for +3.

Versatile: Weapons with the Versatile mod can make one-handed weapons so that it can also be used two-handed. When used as a two-handed weapon, the damage is increased by +2. This can not be modified by the Heavy trait. Cost: 500 credits.

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