Equipment of the Black Market

There are many illicit wares available in the back alleys and shadowy shops of the galaxy. These items are strictly prohibited by the Empire and dubious even among the Rebellion. The prices of these are given as ‘illegal’ because GMs should feel free to set the rarity and cost of these items themselves according to the needs of the story.

Weapon Damage Str. Range Reload Cost
Exotic (Accuracy)
Dart launcher 1 S Minor (1) Illegal

Dart Launcher: Often mounted on the forearm, a dart launcher fires a single poisoned dart. Unlike other projectile weapons, it uses a high-pressure spring to propel the dart and does not require a power cell and is concealed from most weapon scans.

Augment TN Cost Benefit
Malkite themfar 15 Illegal The target becomes immobilized until he or she makes a successful Constitution (Stamina) test.
Sennari 13 Illegal The target takes 1d6+3 penetrating damage until he or she makes a successful Constitution (Stamina) test.
Somniject 13 Illegal The target loses consciousness until injured or up to 5 minutes. The target can make a Constitution (Stamina) test every minute to regain consciousness.
Zolall 17 Illegal The target becomes disoriented until he or she makes a successful Constitution (Stamina) test.
TN: After hit with an attack from a dart launcher, the target makes a Constitution (Stamina) test against the Target Number or suffer the effects of the poison. Droids are immune to the effects of poisons.

Malkite Themfar: A powerful nerve-toxin that renders its victims with paralysis, malkite themfar comes in a variety of forms but is most often applied to poison darts.

Sennari: Sennari is a fast-acting, lethal poison.

Somniject: A tranquilizer that causes mild sedation, somniject is most commonly used by bounty hunters.

Zolall: Zolall is sometimes used as a powerful surgical anesthetic.

Augment TN Cost Benefit
Booster blue 17 Illegal The user gains +1 Defense and can Activate or Ready as a free action once per turn.
Gree spice 15 Illegal The user gains +1 on ability tests.
Pol pollen 13 Illegal The user gains +2 speed.
Sansanna spice 15 Illegal The user becomes disoriented.
Symoxin 17 Illegal The user gains +2 AR. After the duration, the user receives penetrating damage equal twice the number of hits he or she received.
TN: After taking a drug, its effect lasts for 5 minutes. After which, the user makes a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test against the Target Number or become addicted. Once addicted, the person must have another dose of the drug within 24 hours or suffer –2 on all ability tests. Droids are immune to the effects of drugs.

Booster blue: A combination of spices and an industrial dye used in spacecraft manufacturing, booster blue is distinctive by the metal cans used to contain the mixture.

Gree Spice: Gree spice creates a sense of euphoria and empowerment within the user and has only recently been outlawed by the Empire.

Pol Pollen: Pol pollen is an inhaled stimulant.

Sansanna Spice: This variety is so ubiquitous that Sansanna spice is simply referred to as ‘spice.’

Symoxin: In larger doses, it can be used as knock-out poison with poison darts but symoxin is more often used and abused as an addictive pain killer.

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