Updated Character Sheet and Release Checklist

Due to feedback and in case it went unnoticed, there is an updated version of the character sheet on the Contents page. You can also find it in link below. It also warrants an update on the progress of AGE of Star Wars as a whole. Right now, I am working on text edits, rules updates and an InDesign template. It will be made available as a colored and bookmarked pdf and also as a black and white printer friendly version. Shooting for release near the end of August or early September.

As far as how ‘finished’ these rules will be is tough to say. With so much content, much of it has not been playtested, namely ship combat and higher character levels. One thing I am comfortable saying is that this next version will only have up to 10 character levels and will be more of a ‘living’ document; being updated when significant feedback warrants it. If you have been playing AGE of Star Wars, I would love to hear from you!


  • Force Power Cheat Sheet (next few weeks)
  • B&W complete rules (sometime in August)
  • Color & bookmarked complete rules (late August/early September)

Age Star Wars Character Sheet (UPDATED)

2 thoughts on “Updated Character Sheet and Release Checklist

  1. Thanks for all your work on this. Still trying to wrangle my party together to get a few play sessions under our belts. Will keep you posted!

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