Age of Star Wars: All about that gear

This marks a significant milestone in developing the ruleset. Unfortunately, this also announces a bit of a hiatus for the blog as I will be devoting most of my outside time elsewhere. Some people have asked for a playtest document, and nothing would make me happier than to distribute one but if it is going to be done, it needs to be done right. One is forthcoming though, and it will be included in the Content page.


Starting Credits

Outsider 3d6 x 5
Lower Class 3d6 x 7
Middle Class 3d6 x 10
Upper Class 3d6 x 20

There have been mixed results with this. Most often times, players haven’t been able to afford anything, which is fine for Outsiders but not so much for lower classes or above. 

Starting Equipment

  • Field kit
  • Fringer: If you have the Droid Companionship talent, you begin with a R2 Astromech. Otherwise, you have a choice between a 614-AvA Speeder Bike or an Arm or Eye Cybernetic Augment.
  • Operative or Soldier: Mercenary Armor
  • Two weapons out of the brawling, blaster, rifle, exotic, staves, or vibroblades weapon group.
  • Hip holster for blaster(s), or bandolier
  • 4 Power Cells

I have thought about adding short-range comlinks to this list. So far though, it has not effected play too much, just players wish that players wish they had had the foresight to invest in one.


Ion: These weapons deal penetrating damage to machines, such as droids.

Rare: These items are not commonly found in markets. They are kept as oddities and can some times be traded for.

Restricted: These weapons are illegal.

Range: Determines the maximum number of spaces that you can optimally target an enemy. You can target enemies up to one range increment further than indicated but receive a –2 penalty on the attack. 

  • Thrown Range (I): Up to 4 squares or 6 meters (approx. 19-1/2 feet). 
  • Short Range (S): Up to 8 spaces or 12 meters (approx. 40 feet).
  • Medium Range (M): Up to 12 spaces or 18 meters (or approx. 60 feet).
  • Long Range (L): Up to 20 spaces or 30 meters (or approx. 100 feet).

Str: The minimum Strength you must have to use the weapon effectively.

Reload: In order to make an attack with this weapon, you must have it loaded and this gives the action required for doing so. Also included is the number of attacks in parenthesis that is permissible until the weapon needs to be loaded a gain. P signifies that the weapon in question requires a power cell, while others may require multiples of the same weapon, such as in the case of explosives, or require ammunition, such as with the missile tube.

In the first couple of playtests, I ran without reload rules. I realized though that this may become more important and certain weapons, like the bowcaster, may have a reason for having to keep track of ammo.

Weapon Damage Str. Range Reload Cost
Blasters (Accuracy)
Blaster pistol 1d6+3 S 250
Heavy blaster 2d6+2 1 S 750
Ion pistol 2d6 ion S 500
Explosives (Accuracy)
Explosive charge 6d6 1 Ready (1) 1500
Flashbang special 2 T Ready (1) 850
Thermal detonator 4d6 T Ready (1) 2000
Exotic (Accuracy)
Blaster Staff 2d6+2 1 Melee/S Rare
Bowcaster 3d6+2 2 M Minor (10, P) Rare
Electrostaff 2d6 ion Rare
Heavy Weapons (Accuracy)
Blaster cannon 4d6 3 M Major (5, P) 3000
Flame projector 2d6+1 penetrating 2 S Major (5, P) 1000
Missile tube 6d6 2 L Major (1) 1500
Lightsaber (Fighting)
Lightsaber 3d6 penetrating Restricted
Lightsaber pike 2d6 penetrating Restricted
Saberstaff 2d6+4 penetrating Restricted
Rifles (Accuracy)
Blaster rifle 2d6+4 1 M 1000
Heavy rifle 3d6 2 L 2000
Ion rifle 2d6 ion 1 L 800
Vibroblades (Fighting)
Vibroaxe 3d6 2 Melee 500
Vibroblade 2d6 1 Melee 300
Vibroknife 1d6 Melee/T 200


Blaster Pistol: A “blaster” is a catchall term for numerous different designs of hand-held sidearm. It can be hidden with a concealed holster and requires an power cell to operate.

Ion Pistol: An ion pistol fires a stream of energy that neutralizes electrical systems, making it effective against droids, vehicles, electric devices, and cybernetically enhanced creatures. It requires an power cell to operate.

Heavy Blaster: A heavy blaster pistol combines the firepower of a rifle with the utility of a sidearm, with the extra power coming from drawing upon additional power cells. It requires two power cells to operate.


Explosive Charge: An explosive charge delivers a high-energy plasma explosion to a specific point, making it perfect for demolishing structures. It damages everything in a 2-space, or 3-meter, radius of its explosion. A successful TN 15 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test halves the damage. Setting an explosive charge requires a major action.

Flashbang: This small canister contains two volatile chemical substances that are mixed when triggered causing a violent reaction of light and sound. Anyone who did not Ready to shield their eyes or look away within a 8-space, or 12-meter, radius must succeed a TN 15 Perception (Hearing) and Perception (Seeing) test. Those that did not succeed both tests are disorientated until the start of their next turn. 

Thermal Detonator: A thermal detonator is a small sphere, containing a powerful fusion-based explosive. It is armed with an Activate action and has a timer that can be set for 1-3 rounds, or 6- 18 seconds, counting down until it explodes or is reset to its safe position. It damages everything in a 4-space, or 6-meter, radius of its explosion. A successful TN 13 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test halves the damage. Thermal Detonators act after the initiative count of the person who set it.


Blaster Staff: Combines the utility of a walking stick with the firepower of a blaster rifle, it is often favored by wanderers and hermits on the Outer Rim. It can be used as a quarterstaff in melee and requires an power cell to operate.

Bowcaster: Exclusively produced by wookiees, it is a fusion of modern and ancient technologies that hurls an explosive energy bolt at a high speed, like an ancient rail gun. Powerful, this mechanism is however very inefficient.

Electrostaff: A hold over from the Clone Wars where it was used by the Separatists to counter Jedi lightsabers, some can be found still functional. It can be used to parry lightsaber weapons and require two power cells to operate.


Blaster Cannon: This blaster weapon is normally mounted and not meant for personnel use. It fires a massive bolt that is an area of effect weapon that deals full target to the target of its attack, and half damage if it misses. Any creature or object adjacent to the target must make a successful TN 13 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test or take half damage if the attack hit. It requires three power cells to operate.

Flame Projector: A flame projector shoots a stream of flame at its target. It can set objects on fire. A victim can make a successful opposed Dexterity (Acrobatics) test vs. the attack roll to take half damage.

Missile Tube: A missile tube fires a single, high-speed projectile with an explosive warhead. The standard missile unleashes a storm of metal shrapnel with explosive force, affecting a 4-space, or 6-meter, radius. A successful TN 15 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test halves the damage. Replacement missiles cost 200 credits each.


Lightsaber: An elegant weapon from a more civilized age, the blade of the lightsaber is generated by an power cell and focused through a crystal within the hilt. Given time, a lightsaber can cut through nearly any material, except other lightsaber blades and energy shields. For an unskilled user, the lightsaber is a difficult weapon to handle, even deadly. Lightsaber crystals are contraband and it requires an power cell to operate.

Lightsaber Pike: Favored by Elite Imperial Guards, a lightsaber pike operates on the same principle as a lightsaber but with a longer haft for reach and small blade for ease of use. It requires a lightsaber crystal and an power cell to operate.

Saberstaff: A saberstaff has a built-in lightsaber at each end, allowing it to still be functional should one end be separated from the other. It requires two lightsaber crystals and two power cells to operate.


Blaster Rifle: The blaster rifle is standard issue for Imperial stormtroopers and soldiers of fortune across the galaxy. It requires two power cells to operate.

Ion Rifle: An ion rifle is simply a larger version of the ion pistol. It requires two power cells to operate.

Heavy Rifle: The heavy blaster rifle is a larger and higher energy capacity version of the standard blaster rifle. It requires three power cells to operate. 


Vibrodagger: The weapon of choice for petty street thugs and assassins, it is not subject to any regulation since it so commonly used. It can be used to parry lightsaber weapons and requires an power cell to operate.

Vibroaxe: Capable of delivering devastating blows, it is favored by gamoran guards. It can be used to parry lightsaber weapons and requires two power cells to operate.

Vibroblade: Most consider this longsword-like weapon to be archaic, but is favored by soldiers and mercenaries that prefer close-quarter combat. It can be used to parry lightsaber weapons and requires an power cell to operate.


Armor Armor Rating Penalty Cost
Light Armor
Blast helmet & vest 2 0 500
Padded flight suit 3 0 2000
Mercenary armor 4 –1 1500
Armored flight suit 5 –1 4000
Heavy Armor
Stormtropper armor 6 –2 Restricted
Bounty hunter armor 7 –2 5000
Battle armor 8 –3 8000
Heavy battle armor 10 –3 10,000


Blast Helmet and Vest: Consisting of a lightweight helmet and protective vest, it offers very limited protection but is very affordable and available.

Padded Flight Suit: Incorporating a blast helmet with gauntlets and blast vest, a padded flight suit not only offers limited protection against attacks, it also protects the wearer from decompression, g-forces, and harmful environments.

Mercenary Armor: This armor is typically a piecemeal combination of a helmet, pauldrons, a breastplate that may or may not have a back, with gauntlets and greaves. As such, the design is never uniform and has an asymmetrical appearance.

Armored Flight Armor: A suit of armored flight armor provides the protection of a fitted set of armor with the utility of a flight suit. It is favored by elite squadrons of TIE fighter pilots.


Stormtrooper Armor: Recognized across the galaxy as the uniform of the Empire’s foot soldiers, stormtrooper armor is an 18-piece cocoon that surrounds the soldier. This armor includes a built-in short-range comlink and environmental controls that enable the wearer to be in hazard level 1 environments without penalty. Outside ownership of this armor strictly prohibited.

star-wars-boba-fett-artwork-wallpaper-5-things-you-may-not-know-about-boba-fett-s-armor-jpeg-226422Bounty Hunter Armor: Like mercenary armor, the typical set of bounty hunter armor is usually cobbled together from a variety of different sources. The pieces are better fitted to the wearer and can make use of built-in modifications, such as comlinks and rocket boosters (see below).

Battle Armor: A suit of battle armor is custom-made to the wearer that combines lightweight composite materials that are optimized for deflecting blaster fire and ordinance.

Heavy Battle Armor: Heavy battle armor sacrifices the mobility of the lighter version for nearly impenetrable protection.


Communication Devices Cost Consumables Cost
Comlink, short-range 25 Lock Breaker (3) 300
Comlink, long-range 500 Medpac (7) 100
Com Jammer 350 Ration Pack (10) 25
Holo-Messenger 300 Repair Kit (5) 500
Computers/Security Devices Cost Smoke Canister (3) 200
Binder Cuffs 50 Stimpack (4) 50
Code Cylinder 500 Life Support Cost
Datapad 200 Aquata Breather 350
Restraining Bolt 600 Breath Mask 200
Weapon Accessories Cost Flight Suit 1000
Bandolier 100 Survival Gear Cost
Dampener 700 All-Environs Cloak 100
Holster, Concealed 50 Chain (3 meters) 25
Holster, Hip 25 Field Kit 1000
Power cell 25 Mag Harpoon 800
Power cell Recharger 100 Tools Cost
Rifle Tripod 50 Electrobinoculars 1000
Shock Knuckles 300 Glow Rod 10
Weapon Scope 1000 Hand Scanner 50
Security Kit 750
Tool Kit 250
Utility Belt 500

Communication Devices 

Comlink: Comlinks are portable communication devices. Comlinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Short range comlinks have a range of 50 km (approximately 31 miles) or low orbit, while a long range comlink has a range of 200 km (approximately 124 miles) or high orbit. For 10 times the base cost, comlinks can be encrypted, adding to the difficulty of intercepting transmissions.

Com Jammer: This portable device disrupts all short-range comlink transmissions. If you have the Intelligence (Computers) focus, you can set an open channel that allows you to use comlinks while blocking that of your enemies.

Holo-Messenger: A palm-sized unit used for sending, receiving, and recording holos. You can modify a recording with a TN13 Intelligence (Computers) test. A successful TN17 Intelligence (Computers) test can detect any modifications done to the data. A holo-messenger stores 1 hour of high quality holos.

Computers/Security Devices

Binder Cuffs: Binder cuffs are durasteel restraints designed to lock two limbs of a prisoner together, normally the wrists or ankles. Breaking them requires a TN 19 Strength (Might) test. They can also be unlocked with a security kit and a Dexterity (Disable Device) test.

Datapad: A hand held personal computer that serves many functions. It can also be used to plug into systems for purposes of diagnostics or slicing.

Code Cylinder: A small, encoded security device issued to many military, political or corporate officials. It accesses date via a droid link, or provides entry intro restricted areas and facilities. Each cylinder features the user’s security clearance data. If an Intelligence (Computers) test is failed while using a code cylinder, its self-destruct mechanism activates, ruining it and the data inside.

Restraining Bolt: This small device, when placed on a droid or weapon, inhibits certain functions. More often than not, it is used to disable the device. It requires a TN 15 Dexterity (Disable Device) or a TN 19 Strength (Might) test to remove for anyone who does not have the corresponding key.


Lock Breaker: A lock breaker can be inserted into any security port. It automatically succeeds on TN 15 Dexterity (Disable Device) tests or lower, but remains locked in its final position and can’t be used again.

Medpac: Medpacs are compact packages designed to apply first aid in emergencies. A medpac is required when attempting a Heal action.

Ration Pack: Small, compact meals designed to nourish a person for one day. The food is bland, and water is not included.

Repair Kit: This includes spare parts that are specified for a number of different repairs: droids, ships, artillery, etc. A repair kit is required when making Intelligence (Engineering) tests for repairs.

Smoke Canister: This heavy cylinder can be tossed up to 4 spaces, or 6 meters, away and creates light cover within a 4 spaces x 4 spaces area.

Stimpack: A once use syringe with steroids, adrenaline, and other compounds used to get the body up and going again. The user regains 5 Health with each use, but can’t be used by droids.

Life Support

Aquata Breather: While under water, this mouth breather provides two hours of breathable air.

Breath Mask: This personal atmosphere-filtering system provides 1 hour of breathable before the filter and atmosphere canister must be replaced. It consists of a mask and a hose that connects to a portable life support system.

Flight Suit: The flight suit is a one-piece coverall (plus helmet) that provides life support, protects the wearer from hostile environments, and prevents the wearer from succumbing to the effects of high velocity flying. A flight suit includes a matching helmet and gloves that seal around the wearer, but provides no protection from blaster fire.

Survival Gear

All-Environs Cloak: This wrap around cloak protects its wearer from the elements, providing a +5 bonus to Constitution (Stamina) tests against extreme temperature hazards.

Chain: This 3-meter chain can support 5 metric tons of weight.

Field Kit: A field kit is backpack full of survival gear. It contains two canteens with water purification systems, a week’s worth of rations (7), two glow rods, two breath masks, replacement filters, replacement atmosphere canisters, and an all-environs cloak.

Mag Harpoon: This rifle-like tool has a coil of rope that fires a magnetic head 30 spaces, or  45 meters. It then attaches to a magnetic surface and lifts while reeling whatever it is attached to up to and can support up to 250 kg (approx. 550 lbs.).


Electrobinoculars: This device magnifies distant objects in most lighting conditions. The internal display provides information on range, elevation, etc. They also feature a night vision mode. Electrobinoculars provide a +2 bonus to Perception (Search) tests when using them to search 100 meters away. They have a range of 1km.

Glow Rod: A simple illumination device that projects a beam of light up to 8 meters away. When used in low light conditions, it provides a +2 bonus to Perception (Searching) tests.

Hand Scanner: This is a general-use scanner that can check for atmospheric contaminants, toxins, life-signs. It provides a +1 to any ability tests used to assess an environment, object, or person, such as evaluating the severity of an injury.

Security Kit: A security kit is a set of special tools for bypassing electronic and mechanical locks. Possession of such kits is usually illegal on most worlds, except when used by authorized personnel. A security kit is needed for all Dexterity (Disable Device) tests.

Tool Kit: A tool kit is used to reprogram a droid, repair a bad motivator, or fix a faulty hyperdrive. Toolkits are assumed to include most of the necessary tools for repairing vehicles and droids. Toolkits, along with a Repair Kit, are required when attempting repairs using Intelligence (Engineering) tests.

Utility Belt: A utility belt has several pouches containing a three day supply of rations (3), a medpac, a tool kit, a spare power cell, a glow rod, and a few empty pouches. 

Weapon Accessories

Bandolier: Depending upon the weapon the wearer carries, a bandolier may contain power cells or power packs, explosive bolts, magazines, grenades, knives, or any number of other forms of ammunition. A bandolier has 12 slots that can hold ammunition. Retrieving an item from the bandolier is a free action.

Dampener: When installed over the barrel of a blaster pistol or rifle, it renders the shot nearly inaudible. However, it also causes the power cell to overheat and must be replaced after use.

Holster: Holsters are generally available for pistols, larger weapons are usually carried on shoulder straps. Hip holsters hold weapons in easily accessed and seen locations, while concealed holsters help keep a weapon out of site. A concealed holster can be detected via an opposed test of the searcher’s Perception (Search) against the holster owner’s Dexterity (Legerdemain).

Power Cell: A power pack is a compact rectangular battery that fits into the grip or barrel of a power cell weapon, such as a blaster, to provide the power needed to fire it. A power pack can be recharged with a power recharger.

Power Cell Recharger: A power cell recharger can recharge one power cell at a time and must be connected to the power supply of a ship or building for it to work. Recharging takes 4 hours to complete.

Rifle Tripod: Deploying a rifle tripod requires an Activate action. When the shooter lies prone and uses the Aim action, he or she gains a +2 attack bonus instead of the normal +1.

Shock Knuckles: When installed into gauntlets, attacks deal an additional 1d6+1 ion damage.

Weapon Scope: This operates on the same technology as electrobinoculars, but does not include night vision. When installed on a blaster, it extends its range by one step. 


So far, no one has taken up the cybernetic option for the Fringer. Mostly, it has been because of the appeal of the droid but I also wanted to have an option for those who did not want to have to deal with pets. The TN may be a little harsh but I may need to have this go through a playtest first.

TN: After hit with an attack that deals ion damage you must make a Constitution (Stamina) test to avoid taking penetrating damage, with a success the damage is normal. Additional augments increase the target number. 

Augment TN Cost Benefit
Cyber Arm 13 or +2 600 +1 damage with melee attacks per implant, +1 Strength (Might) with two implants.
Cyber Eye 13 or +2 800 +1 damage with ranged attacks, +1 Perception (Seeing) with two implants.
Cyber Leg 13 or +1 400 +1 Strength (Jumping) per implant, +1 Speed with two implants.
Syntheskin 2000 Disguises augment under synthetic skin.


Add-On Cost Benefit
Com Antennae 100 Built-in short-range comlink.
Lasso Launcher 400 Fires a syntherope that up to 4 spaces and the target must succeed a TN 15 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test or become restrained.
Flamethrower 900 Delivers one shot as if from a flame projector.
Rocket Booster 1500 Flight up to 30 spaces, with a maximum of 10 spaces each round. If you do not end your movement on a horizontal surface, you begin to fall.
Visor Interface 1200 Built-in electrobinoculars.



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