Expanded Classes: Bard, Swashbuckler, and Templar

I had to take a break from the blog for a while. I will not necessarily be “back” to consistent blog posts but this has been something that has been burning a hole in my hard drive and I have been wanting to share. Included in the pdf are three classes that have seen time on the blog and a few other goodies.

Download Expanded Classes, Version 1.5 for Fantasy Age

Here’s a few notes:

Bard (Mage/Rogue): This class has had a lot of positive feedback both in the community and in playtest. Most of the kinks, such as Song of Captivation, have mostly been worked out.

Swashbuckler (Rogue/Warrior): It has been a labor of love but it finally feels like it is coming together. The +3 to Defense may seem high, but after playing one at level 10, I can definitely say that the high defense makes up for the lack of damage mitigation of armor.

Templar (Mage/Warrior, previously the ‘cleric’): A decision was made to change the name early on after its initial introduction to avoid confusion with the more traditional cleric. So far, the balance of not having access to combat-related talents early on have shown to offset having access to spells, but this has only be tested up to level 5. This class may very likely be completely re-written if the fourth class hinted on Green Ronin’s blog back in January is a cleric.

Class Archetypes: The alchemist and, closely behind it, the barbarian are the more popular of the options. Giving access to the Alchemy talent really gave the mage a way to stretch out from the limited possibilities of only starting out with two arcanas. The person playing the barbarian wanted damage to increase faster, but is otherwise satisfied with the trade-offs. The ranger has had the least enthusiasm by a wide margin, and a significant revision is likely forthcoming.

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