Dwarves, Dwarves, Dwarves!

My goal for this year (and last year) is to publish to the DM’s Guild. Like the best of plans though, life finds a way of getting between me and progress. It is not all bad though; I started a new job (with a regular schedule and I can works days), have a baby on the way, met some new friends through MTG… All really good stuff!

It goes without saying with the blog, I have had a lot of false starts. A lot of it is my stuff, whether its me chasing after the newest D&D supplement, splat book, or campaign with my own material or overall feeling like my writing is inadequate. That aside, I saw something really insightful from Wil Wheaton today. It is admittedly an older video, but I was looking for news about Titansgrave. Seeing it and hearing someone at his level express similar feelings kind of allowed me to give myself permission to drop some of these other projects that I feel like are dragging me down from getting the ONE thing I need to done.

So, I am going to be working on dwarves. All dwarves, all the time, until it’s done. I love playing dwarves and although Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes gave us a taste, I was really hoping for something along the lines of The Complete Book of Dwarves.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to have more soon!

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