The Agent & the Scoundrel (and the Diplomat too…)

If you are interested in reading lengthy explanation for why there is an updated class preview, please keep reading. Otherwise, please feel free to download the re-write here. From the beginning, there has been a great deal of overlap with the Agent and the Scoundrel. The two classes stem from two archetypes found in previous fantasy roleplaying games; that of the distinction between the assassin … Continue reading The Agent & the Scoundrel (and the Diplomat too…)

Preview 3

Just a few of the additions and changes in this preview… Star Wars: AGE of the Empire preview 3 Underworld Lore: Knowledge of illicit activities, criminal syndicates, and rumors on the street. Fantasy AGE does not have a “streetwise” focus. The games I have run have been a little more Bladerunner than Star Wars, and so the addition of this ability focus was pretty natural. Gunnery Style (Novice): … Continue reading Preview 3

Update 2: Force Rituals

FORCE RITUALS A Force Ritual requires significantly more training and knowledge than Force Powers, with deep concentration and understanding of the Force. Often times all one can do when enacting a Force Ritual is close his or her eyes and focus on the desired effect. When you use a Force Ritual in combat, you can take no other actions other than making the appropriate ability … Continue reading Update 2: Force Rituals

Mythic Magic: Arcana Stunts

One thing I need to mention is that Endurance has changed to Fortitude, and will be referring to it as such from this point forward (or until it changes it again…). Although it seems out of theme, I included the Cold Arcana and will be creating two or three additional arcana in the future. Otherwise, the success of Force Power stunts showed me how individualized … Continue reading Mythic Magic: Arcana Stunts