Star Wars: AGE of the Empire, 2nd Edition

May the 4th Be With You!

It has been a while since I last posted an update about this and it’s been for good reason. Since its release in April 2017, I have heard from so many of you how you and it is by far the most popular product on the website. I have posted several add-ons since, but none of it felt right or big enough to justify going back and releasing an update. The combination of player/GM feedback, interest in Star Wars, and the new edition of Fantasy AGE means that going back at this point made sense.

That said, there is no firm release date, but I’m aiming for this Winter 2023. Here are a few things you can expect from the next edition:

• Additional Species: Expect to see new species, especially from the Old Republic, such as the Miraluka and Rattataki.

• New Class: Players now have the option of making a Jedi at level 1.

• Errata’d Classes: All the classes are getting a redesign to include changes that were made in Fantasy AGE, 2E.

• Legendary Characters: High-level characters now have access to epic Legendary Abilities.

• New Force Powers: Introducing Advanced Force powers, mighty Force techniques that require that users master more basic powers before gaining access.

• Re-worked Force-Use: No more recharge rolls, using Force Powers now work much more like the Fatigue rules found in the new core book.

• Re-worked Enemies and New Enemies: Stormtroopers and other Minions, low Health but nonetheless dangerous foes, are being incorporated into the game. They also join the ranks of new enemies across all levels of play, such as Hutt Crimelords, Mandalorian Privateers, and Sith Sorcerers.

Lastly, you will notice in the cover mock-up that it mentions that this will be “based” on FAGE 2E. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to explain what that means more in-depth.

Thank you for reading!


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