Fantasy AGE Noir

I do not attest to own any of the art present in the post. These are purely used for inspiration.

I would so play this game!

I have been playing with the new set for Magic the Gathering and it has brought me back to the idea of fantasy set in a modern setting. I have been trying to see if I can find a home for the work I have already done for ‘AGE of Omens.’ Not that it was even close to finished, but I had already invested time, energy, and money into art and graphics.

Although it is a pretty safe bet that Green Ronin already has plans for something similar, I have been kicking around this idea of a fantasy noir setting all weekend and just needed to jot it down. It is rare that something comes so easy that I hardly have to steal the time away from my toddler to write it out.

So here’s the pitch…. THULE: City of Omens

Thule is…

  • An art deco metropolis where fantasy races live alongside humans.
  • Pre-digital technology (typewriters, telephone switchboards, etc.).
  • Magic and technology intertwine, and at times conflict.
  • Eldritch horrors are beginning to make their presence known.

What this means in game terms is that characters have Ancestries instead of Backgrounds.


Humanity built the City of Omens. Unbeknownst to them, not only has it attracted creatures of myth and legend but also something horrifying that lurks beyond time and space.

  • ABILITY: You add 1 to one ability of your choice
  • FOCUS: You gain one focus of your choice.
  • TALENT: You become a Novice in one talent of your choice.
  • HEROIC (FEATURE): You receive +1 SP whenever you Stunt.
Human Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Willpower
3-4Focus: Communication (Bargaining)
5Focus: Perception (Empathy)
6Bonus Language
7-8+1 Communication
9Focus: Intelligence (Current Affairs)
10-11Focus: Willpower (Courage)
12+1 Willpower


Their value for family, clan and hard work has made dwarves a formidable force within the City of Omens. Dwarven unions now proliferate in many sectors of industry and manufacturing.

  • ABILITY: +1 Constitution
  • FOCUS: Constitution (Tolerance) or Intelligence (Navigation)
  • TALENT: Affluent or Expertise
  • HARDY (FEATURE): You increase your Toughness by 2.
Dwarf Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Strength
3-4Focus: Communication (Bargaining)
5Focus: Constitution (Stamina)
6Focus: Strength (Machining)
7-8+1 Fighting
9Focus: Dexterity (Crafting)
10-11Focus: Intelligence (Evaluation)
12+1 Willpower


Graceful and fair, elves are regarded with envy and disdain. With their keen insight and value for expression, elves are among the city’s most celebrated poets, musicians, and artists.

  • ABILITY: +1 Perception
  • FOCUS: Perception (Hearing) or Dexterity (Initiative)
  • TALENT: Attractive or Freerunning
  • AGILE (FEATURE): Your base Defense and Speed score is equal to 12 + your Dexterity.
Elf Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Communication
3-4Focus: Perception (Seeing)
5Focus: Communication (Expression)
6Focus: Intelligence (Art)
7-8+1 Dexterity
9Focus: Dexterity (Acrobatics)
10-11Focus: Accuracy (Bows or Thrown)
12+1 Accuracy


Gnomes were only all to pleased to find themselves in a metropolis full of mechanical wonders. As such, they have quickly established themselves as skilled technicians, engineers and inventors.

  • ABILITY: +1 Intelligence
  • FOCUS: Constitution (Stamina) or Intelligence (Tinkering)
  • TALENT: Maker or Theory and Practice
  • MAGIC RESISTANCE (FEATURE): You gain a +2 bonus on ability tests to resist the effects of spells and other magical attacks.
Gnome Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Dexterity
3-4Focus: Intelligence (choose one)
5Focus: Strength (Machining)
6Focus: Dexterity (Piloting)
7-8+1 Constitution
9Focus: Dexterity (Driving)
10-11Focus: Communication (Investigation)
12+1 Communication


With their lack for self-preservation and enthusiasm for things that go “boom,” goblins are seen as nuisance at best and a public menace at worst. Were it not for their explosive population rate, goblins may have died out a long time ago.

  • ABILITY: +1 Dexterity
  • FOCUS: Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) or Intelligence (Explosives)
  • TALENT: Burglary or Scouting
  • DARKSIGHT (FEATURE): You can see normally in the dark.
Goblin Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Intelligence
3-4Focus: Dexterity (Stealth)
5Focus: Intelligence (Current Affairs)
6Focus: Perception (Searching)
7-8+1 Perception
9Focus: Dexterity (Sabotage)
10-11Focus: Strength (Jumping)
12+1 Communication


Nephilim often have difficulty escaping the stigma that follows them because of their demonic heritage. Conversely, this prejudice has made them welcome in the criminal underworld.

  • ABILITY: +1 Communication
  • FOCUS: Communication (Bargaining) or Dexterity (Driving)
  • TALENT: Contacts or Misdirection
  • RESIST FIRE (FEATURE): You double your Toughness whenever you are dealt damage from fire.
Nephilim Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Dexterity
3-4Focus: Communication (Deception)
5Focus: Perception (Empathy)
6Focus: Dexterity (Forgery)
7-8+1 Intelligence
9Focus: Intelligence (Occultism)
10-11Focus: Fighting (Light Blades)
12+1 Willpower


Few things can stop an ogre and they know it. Ogres are often legitimately and illicitly employed as muscle among the City Watch and many of the city’s gangs.

  • ABILITY: +1 Fighting
  • FOCUS: Constitution (Stamina) or Strength (Might)
  • TALENT: Observation or Overwhelm
  • FEROCITY (FEATURE): Whenever you deal damage, you add +2 to the damage total.
Ogre Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Constitution
3-4Focus: Fighting (Grappling)
5Focus: Communication (Gambling)
6Focus: Intelligence (Security)
7-8+1 Strength
9Focus: Strength (Intimidation)
10-11Focus: Constitution (Tolerance)
12+1 Willpower


The closest things to angels among mortals, seraphim occupy a vaunted position in the Midnight City. Their respectability means that they hold positions of power within city government and have earned them converts to their faith in the Shining One.

  • ABILITY: +1 Willpower
  • FOCUS: Communication (Leadership) or Intelligence (Theology)
  • TALENT: Inspire or Protect
  • FLIGHT (FEATURE): Your wings allow you to fly as long as long as your not carrying a heavy load.
Seraphim Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Perception
3-4Focus: Intelligence (Law)
5+2 Resources
6Focus: Perception (Searching)
7-8+1 Communication
9Focus: Dexterity (Flying)
10-11Focus: Willpower (Self-Discipline)
12+1 Dexterity


Someone has to do the dirty work and trolls are more than happy to get stinky. Troll communities reside in the bowels of the sewers and under the city’s docks.

  • ABILITY: +1 Strength
  • FOCUS: Dexterity (Stealth) or Perception (Smelling)
  • TALENT: Living on the Fringe or Quick Reflexes
  • REGENERATE (FEATURE): You can spend 2 SP to regain Health equal to the Stunt Die x 2.
Troll Benefits
2d6 RollBenefits
2+1 Dexterity
3-4Focus: Constitution (Swimming)
5Focus: Communication (Animal Handling)
6Focus: Dexterity (Initiative)
7-8+1 Constitution
9Focus: Strength (Intimidation)
10-11Focus: Fighting (Brawling)
12+1 Perception

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