Preview: Runescarred Barbarian

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post but I wanted to get this out there before I break for a bit to deal with personal stuff. Mixing magic and just how brutal barbarians can be in my experience was a bit of a challenge. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. BARBARIAN – Path of the Runescarred Spellcasting When you reach 3rd … Continue reading Preview: Runescarred Barbarian

Preview: Saurial Race

This is hands down the chapter that has taken the most time and I am most invested in to get right. Ever since the Humanoids Handbook during 2ED, I have been wanting to run a saurial-centric campaign. Tomb of Annihilation though presents the perfect opportunity to introduce these odd, silent protagonists to 5E. How did I do? Is it balanced? Let me know in the … Continue reading Preview: Saurial Race

Preview: Oath of Liberation Paladin

Offering a two’fer this week. I have played maybe one Lawful Good paladin but I always have enjoyed playing off-type. This is my take on the Chaotic Good paladin. Let me know what you think in the comments. PALADIN—Oath of Liberation Freedom. Unquestioned authority leads to tyranny. Unchecked power often leads to abuse of power and you must fight despots wherever your find them. Liberty. … Continue reading Preview: Oath of Liberation Paladin

Preview: Witch Sorcerer Origin

One of the main themes of the sorcerer is that his or her magic comes from within. This origin focuses on using the magic found in other living things. Is it too much? Does it not do enough? Should it be called something else? Let me know in the comments. (As you can probably tell, I’ve been playing Monster Hunter: World 😉 Craft Athamé Starting … Continue reading Preview: Witch Sorcerer Origin

Preview: Brawler Fighter Archetype

I have always liked scrappy fighters that focused on grappling. A lot of the mechanics will look familiar, but whereas the monk gets their abilities through enlightenment and meditation, the brawler gains it through the school of hard knocks. However, I did it take the monks lunch? What do you think? Let me know in the comments or feel free to send me a message. … Continue reading Preview: Brawler Fighter Archetype

Preview: Explorer’s Companion to Chult

I am proud to announce that I will soon be putting my first product on the DM’s Guild! The Explorer’s Companion to Chult will be a player’s supplement for the Tomb of Annihilation module in the same vein as the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion. In terms of content, much of it will be compiled 5E material previously on the blog, but it will also have … Continue reading Preview: Explorer’s Companion to Chult

Tomb of Annihilation: Cleric Scalykind Domain

For use in your Tomb of Annihilation campaign or any campaign that features lizardfolk, yuan-ti, or dinosaurs… SCALYKIND DOMAIN Long before the elves or dwarves walked the lands, reptiles ruled the world. The Scalykind domain draws from the primal might of reptiles and clerics not only gain their guile and speed, but can also control such beasts. Many who share their bloodline, such as the … Continue reading Tomb of Annihilation: Cleric Scalykind Domain

Barbarian: Totem Spirits of Rashemen

I love the Forgotten Realms, with a special soft spot for Rashemen. Not only it is the home of everyone’s hamster throwing barbarian, but a fascinating region with unique magic on the doorstep of one of the most powerful and evil forces on Faerun, Thay. As for the other totem lodges, you can easily substitute the Owlbear Lodge for the Bear totem, Great Elk for … Continue reading Barbarian: Totem Spirits of Rashemen