***THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*** Thank you everyone for participating. Winners will be announced on May 21st! The proof has arrived and the final edits have already been made. The pdf has been updated with these changes as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go as planned. Continue reading MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU GIVEAWAY!

Additional Species

Not a full write-up but wanted to share a few more species from my home game. DUROS Ability Adjustment(s): Add 1 to Dexterity. Pick One Ability Focus: Dexterity (Piloting) or Dexterity (Initiative). Flexible Focus: You can choose one ability focus you have per day to give you a +3 bonus, rather than a +2 bonus. You can choose a different ability focus after resting for … Continue reading Additional Species

Mythic Abilities

Characters in Mythic AGE are capable of doing the extraordinary, whose feats are on par with¬†the monsters¬†and demigods that inhabit the setting. Rather than character choosing Specializations, players in Mythic AGE will be able to choose to make one ability exceptional and beyond what mere mortals are capable of. Mythic Accuracy Requirement: Accuracy 5 or higher Benefit: You suffer no penalty on attack rolls due … Continue reading Mythic Abilities

The Agent & the Scoundrel (and the Diplomat too…)

If you are interested in reading lengthy explanation for why there is an updated class preview, please keep reading. Otherwise, please feel free to download the re-write here. From the beginning, there has been a great deal of overlap with the Agent and the Scoundrel. The two classes stem from two archetypes found in previous fantasy roleplaying games; that of the distinction between the assassin … Continue reading The Agent & the Scoundrel (and the Diplomat too…)

Update 2: Force Rituals

FORCE RITUALS A Force Ritual requires significantly more training and knowledge than Force Powers, with deep concentration and understanding of the Force. Often times all one can do when enacting a Force Ritual is close his or her eyes and focus on the desired effect. When you use a Force Ritual in combat, you can take no other actions other than making the appropriate ability … Continue reading Update 2: Force Rituals