Mythic Abilities

Characters in Mythic AGE are capable of doing the extraordinary, whose feats are on par with the monsters and demigods that inhabit the setting. Rather than character choosing Specializations, players in Mythic AGE will be able to choose to make one ability exceptional and beyond what mere mortals are capable of.

Mythic Accuracy
Requirement: Accuracy 5 or higher
Benefit: You suffer no penalty on attack rolls due to distance. Also, you reduce the target’s Armor Rating by half (rounded down). If this attack is affected by similar effect, such as the Pierce Armor stunt, the damage is treated as penetrating damage.

Mythic Communication
Requirement: Communication 5 or higher
Benefit: You add your Communication to your Defense when the attacker rolls a 6 on his or her attack roll. Also, you add your Communication to your Stunt Die whenever you make a Communication ability test as part of an advanced test.

Mythic Constitution
Requirement: Constitution 5 or higher
Benefit: You ignore the effects of extreme environments, such as frost bite or heat stroke. You also gain a bonus to your Armor Rating equal to half your Constitution (rounded down).

Mythic Dexterity
Requirement: Dexterity 5 or higher
Benefit: You add +6 yards to speed. You can also can Ready or Prepare once per round as a free action.

Mythic Intelligence
Requirement: Intelligence 5 or higher
Benefit: Reduce the success threshold of all advanced tests by 5. Also, you receive a +3 bonus any time you gain a new ability focus. This affects ability focuses you took retroactively.

Mythic Perception
Requirement: Perception 5 or higher
Benefit: You can detect invisible creatures and see through anything if you focus long enough. Also, you can not be surprised and act normally on a surprise round.

Mythic Fighting
Requirement: Fighting 5 or higher
Benefit: You can affect up to three adjacent targets any time you make a melee attack.

Mythic Strength
Requirement: Strength 5 or higher
Benefit: You can lift a massive boulder, a carriage, or other unattended object. You can hurl this object, the total yards equaling your Strength (Might) test x 2. The object is destroyed and any target struck by the hurled object is dealt 3d6+3 damage.

Mythic Willpower
Requirement: Willpower 5 or greater
Benefit: You gain 10 extra Spirit. Also, you regain Spirit the same as you do Health during short rest.

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