Mythic Abilities

Characters in Mythic AGE are capable of doing the extraordinary, whose feats are on par with¬†the monsters¬†and demigods that inhabit the setting. Rather than character choosing Specializations, players in Mythic AGE will be able to choose to make one ability exceptional and beyond what mere mortals are capable of. Mythic Accuracy Requirement: Accuracy 5 or higher Benefit: You suffer no penalty on attack rolls due … Continue reading Mythic Abilities

Mythic Magic: Arcana Stunts

One thing I need to mention is that Endurance has changed to Fortitude, and will be referring to it as such from this point forward (or until it changes it again…). Although it seems out of theme, I included the Cold Arcana and will be creating two or three additional arcana in the future. Otherwise, the success of Force Power stunts showed me how individualized … Continue reading Mythic Magic: Arcana Stunts

Mythic Age Preview

Mythic Age is a roleplaying game of epic action inspired by the myths and legends of ancient Greece. This is not meant as an accurate representation of 8th to 5th BCE century Greece, but portrays a fantasy world where monsters dwell in twisting labyrinths and gods walk with mortals. Classless Character Creation Rather than knights and elves, the capabilities of player characters are informed by … Continue reading Mythic Age Preview