9 thoughts on “May the 4th Be With You Giveaway Recipients!

  1. Hello. Just want to confirm that I am one of the winners. And am wondering how I would go about.gettingy copy


  2. Hello. It’s ben. Just emailing about the star wars book that you called  my name. I was also Salvonian  on previous posts but I couldn’t log in again to that one.

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    1. Thanks and I sent you an email with details. The books have arrived and I plan on making a trip to the post office Thursday.


    1. Hey Ben, trandoshans and a number of other species like gamorrans are treated more like NPC species because they have typically occupied an antagonistic role and liked having them as baddies. Other species, like ithorians, were also excluded because of strange or powerful species-based abilities.


      1. Alright. I kinda figured that was the reason. If I wanted to put a trandosian ad a PC race. You have any ideas. I seen the npc had the special stunt. But that may be a little crazy to give to a player where it’s a heal.


      2. I actually been curious about making species-specific stunts. Could be OP but willing to test it. I can take a crack at it next week.


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