Expanded Classes Version 2.0

This update brings dual classes up to level 20, plus it includes a new specialization for each of the three core classes that I posted a while back on the Green Ronin Forums.

Expanded Classes 2.0*

*UPDATE (2/11/17): Corrected a few typos.


4 thoughts on “Expanded Classes Version 2.0

  1. Loving this work on new classes for FAGE, Dustin. I’m planning on integrating them into my homebrew setting when they’re all done!

    I have a question regarding the Skald specialization for Bards. The Novice level of the specialization talent reads: “You take up arms alongside your allies. You can take the Armor Training talent and reduce the Strain for casting spells in armor by 2.” Does the statement “You can take the Armor Training talent…” imply that the Bard immediately gains the Novice degree of Armor Training upon becoming a Skald, or that the talent is now a valid choice when the bard next receives a new talent by gaining an odd-numbered level?

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