Preview 3

Just a few of the additions and changes in this preview…

Star Wars: AGE of the Empire preview 3

Underworld Lore: Knowledge of illicit activities, criminal syndicates, and rumors on the street.

Fantasy AGE does not have a “streetwise” focus. The games I have run have been a little more Bladerunner than Star Wars, and so the addition of this ability focus was pretty natural.

Gunnery Style (Novice): When you take the aim action while using heavy weapons or starship weapons, you gain +2 bonus on your damage roll.

Formerly “Ship Gunnery,” this talent was changed to be more flexible and apply to more situations outside of ship combat.

You must have a
Constitution and Willpower 2 or higher and the Force Sensitivity (Novice) talent

Novice: You learn the Lightsaber Weapon Group if you don’t know it already. You also receive bonus Health equal to your level. You regain this bonus Health with a short or long rest.

Journeyman: You receive a +1 bonus on all damage rolls. You also can use Dark Side Powers without suffering a Dark Side Drawback (see Chapter 6).

Master: You receive +1 SP when using Dark Side Force Powers.

The sidebar explains my intent here fairly well. Evil characters can be a problem, but what are Jedi without the Sith?


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