Preview: Abbathor

Hi everyone. Still working on all the write-ups for all the different dwarven deities. Here is a sample of what you can expect.


Priests: artharnor “those consumed by greed”

Adjective: abbathoran

In a time long ago, the Trove Lord was only concerned with the natural beauty and splendor of gold and gemstones. When Moradin passed him over and made Dumathoin the patron of the shield dwarves, Abbathor swore to take what he wanted for himself. The Great Master of Greed is the whisper at the back of every dwarf’s mind to set fidelity and tradition aside, and grasp for more. This does little to endear him to the rest of the Morndinsamman, especially Berronar Truesilver, and was even exiled for a time. Abbathor has since ceased his more overt transgressions after being freed from his service to Bane, but he continues to scheme in making the whole of the dwarven race his own.

Portraying themselves as rebels and reformers, aetharnor tend to attract those disenfranchised by dwarven society. It is in their hidden vaults and secret worship that these outcasts find protection and belonging. To outsiders, artharnor operate somewhere between a traditional clan and a thieves’ guild. Once associated with profane rites and ritual sacrifice, they have since forsaken this legacy in favor of pursuing criminal activity, like theft and smuggling. A dwarfhold at times may even see their activities as especially useful, giving dwarves the flexibility to do what needs to be done while maintaining the honor of the rest of the hold.

Unique Channel Divinity: Pocket Item

You whisper a prayer over an object in your hand, causing it to disappear. By using an action to Channel Divinity, the object is spirited away to a pocket dimension for up to 1 hour or until you summon the object. The object appears again in your hand and must be no bigger than your palm. For example, you can hide a gemstone in this way but not a longsword. The object can still be revealed by spells used to sense magic or location, such as detect magic or locate object, but they do not summon the object.

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