Preview: War Marshal

The newest series of Unearthed Arcanas have made me re-examine what I had in mind for the fighter archetype. This I feel is much better anyway, hope you enjoy! WAR MARSHAL: (FIGHTER ARCHETYPE) Battle Cry At 3rd level, your war cry steels your resolve and that of your allies. You and any ally within 60 feet that can see and hear you can use a … Continue reading Preview: War Marshal

Preview: Abbathor

Hi everyone. Still working on all the write-ups for all the different dwarven deities. Here is a sample of what you can expect. ABBATHOR Priests: artharnor “those consumed by greed” Adjective: abbathoran In a time long ago, the Trove Lord was only concerned with the natural beauty and splendor of gold and gemstones. When Moradin passed him over and made Dumathoin the patron of the … Continue reading Preview: Abbathor

Deities and Channel Divinity Options

The beginning of September has come and gone. The three chapters (races, classes, and quirks) that were originally planned are done. I could have released what I have but it always would have incomplete. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is a great book, but its brief overview of the dwarven deities left something to be desired. The fourth chapter that will be added will be a … Continue reading Deities and Channel Divinity Options