Expanded Classes: The Ranger Update

Just want to first thank everyone’s interest and support in the project. At release, the ranger archetype was probably the thing I was least proud of. It was very derivative of my work on Age of Star Wars and did not offer anything new or exciting beyond its parent class. The discussion boards provided a lot of useful feedback, including from senior member TheGreyWulf who proposed Twin Strike. Multiple attacks per turn is not just something that Fantasy Age shies away from and was a topic that produced differing opinions.

Having this as a playtest provides an opportunity to try something new and to see something that can can be in practice. The limitations placed on how this extra attack comes about I believe balances it out and I am really looking forward to getting some actual in play examples.

The old version of the playtest document has been taken down and the new version is up. You can also download it here: Download Expanded Classes, Version 1.5 for Fantasy Age

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