AGE of the Empire Update

Unfortunately, AGE of the Empire will not be launching this week. I just ran out of time. Part of the process has been incorporating things on the blog that did not get included in the playtest document. Here is a run-down of some of things being added:

  • plokoon_detailKel Dor: One of the coolest things in the prequels for me was kel dor. They are an option for those wanting to begin play with a little bit of Force potential.
  • Diplomat: There has been a lot of positive feedback on the diplomat class. I did not think to include it, to give it time for playtesting, but not including it would made the document incomplete.
  • Conditions: Explaining my in-depth the effects of disoriented, immobilized, and restrained.
  • Cover: I have been using a quick set of rules in my home game but it was missed in the playtest document.
  • Environmental Hazards:
    This part of the rules briefly goes over environmental hazard levels and how to scale the challenge for inhospitable planets.

As for the launch, aiming for late next Monday!

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