Star Wars: Age of the Empire Launch!

I just want to thank everyone for their encouragement. This ended up being a huge project and it could not have been done without your support. ~Bests, Dustin

Star Wars: Age of the Empire (10/1/2016)

REVISIONS: Wow, thanks everyone for your interest. Hours old and already tons of downloads! However, a few people have already pointed out some typos/omissions. I have corrected these in the new pdf available with the link above.

17 thoughts on “Star Wars: Age of the Empire Launch!

  1. awesome, Though i have a question about the Flash bang. Their isn’t a special entry in it. Or does it make it that anyone affected by it treats everyone they are attacking as in cover?


  2. I was thinking when i run my game of this. adding different types of Crystals for lightsabers. To give more magic/modified gear options. Something like maybe a unstable blade with a cracked crystal. Gives +1 damage or +2. but if you roll 2 1s the blade shuts down making the attack miss or something to that affect. Similar to Kylo Ren’s Saber.


    1. That sounds like an awesome idea, definitely let me know how that works out. As for flashbangs, it accidentally got omitted but it’s on the new pdf that can be downloaded from the same link on the page.


  3. I do have one other question about the ship combat. More so jumping to lightspeed, It seems a bit unclear. So the GM determines the Success threshold and the difficult of the navigation tests. Then once that is done the pilot can jump? Am i right in that?


      1. Hey Dustin.
        I have another question about the Master Skill of the smuggler. Is this out of sight stunt only at range or can it be used within Melee range. If so how did you describe the use of it at the table. Like through sand or something in the eyes of the enemy?


      2. Hi Ben, I hadn’t intended it that way but I can see it working that way depending on the circumstances and the GM. The stunt was inspired by Han Solo flying the Millenium Falcon in front of the bridge of a star destroyer and managing to hide in near plain sight in Empire Strikes Back.


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