Fantasy Age: Office Edition, Part 2

The art does not match the concept but I have been working some more with my friend on her campaign, a setting in which the players are modern day office workers trapped in a fantasy world.

Campaign Hooks
These are ideas to get your campaign started.

  1. There is something off about that new consultant, what is he/she hiding?
  2. The boss’s new octopus-headed, dragon-bodied paperweight is giving everyone the creeps. After hearing a scream, you all rush into the boss’s office to find him/her missing the paperweight is glowing malevolently.
  3. The office cat has been acting really odd lately: looking as if it is able to follow conversation around the water cooler, making strange gestures in the air, etc.
  4. That new hire is gorgeous, but he/she talks funny and those ears, pointed?
  5. You were skeptical when the boss said he/she invited a wizard to cast a spell during the Tuesday morning meeting.
  6. You always knew that utility closet lead somewhere…
  7. When the storm sirens started, everyone kept working. That is until someone saw the tornado coming your way and it was purple.
  8. On a company retreat, you all see these strange moving blue lights that beckon you deeper into the forest.
  9. You will all be fired if you lose the boss’s yippy tiny dog, you better follow it into the basement.
  10. You all know that you must be exhausted during this all-nighter, because you all see the ghost of David Bowie and he is beckoning you to come forth.


Different Worlds Connected
The real world influences more than the player’s starting ability focuses, they also encounter artifacts or reflections of their world.

  1. You find a cell phone with 1 signal bar.
  2. You meet someone who looks exactly like your office crush.
  3. You find someone previously let go from the office.
  4. A celebrity presumed dead is a well-respected figure and employed doing something most people would least expect.
  5. Figure from history or folklore (i.e. Dracula, Rasputin, Cthulhu, Krampus, the Boogie Man, Rumpelstiltskin, etc.) are real.
  6. Someone is making a killing off the sale of ballpoint pens.
  7. You encounter Barry Cotter or a coven of emo sparkly vampires.
  8. The whole town is gathered around this thing called an iPod.
  9. You find a rusted-out airplane with the name “The Canary” (Amelia Earhart’s missing plane) in the middle of the forest.
  10. You find the remains of a camper with modern survival supplies (i.e. flashlight, flair gun, inflatable raft, etc.).

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