Fantasy Age: The Office Edition

Today, I met with a friend to talk about a concept for a game she wants to run. The premise is that we are modern day people who have been inadvertently pulled into the fantastic world of Fantasy Age with the ultimate goal of getting back home. This concept is perfect for the AGE system, in part because of how it handles how characters come together.

There are three aspects that decide a characters capabilities: Class, Race, and Background. Background is the least of these, awarding a bonus ability focus and are tied to the characters upbringing. This provided a great opportunity to interject some modernity. These all share a theme in that we as characters all work at the same office. I am excited for this campaign and look forward to seeing how this turns out.

3d6 Roll Background Focus
3 Intern Dexterity (Initiative) or Willpower (Morale)
4 Data Entry Constitution (Stamina) or Dexterity (Legerdemain)
5 Temp Communication (Performance) or Intelligence (Musical Lore)
6 Receptionist Communication (Animal Handling) or Perception (Searching)
7 Copy Editor Intelligence (Writing) or Willpower (Self-Discipline)
8 Assistant Manager Communication (Etiquette) or Perception (Hearing)
9 Marketing Director Communication (Seduction) or Perception (Empathy)
10 Sales Rep Communication (Persuasion) or Constitution (Drinking)
11 Human Resources Intelligence (Cultural Lore) or Willpower (Faith)
12 Public Relations Communication (Deception) or Strength (Driving)
13 Network Admin Intelligence (Cryptography) or Intelligence (Research)
14 Accounting Communication (Gambling) or Intelligence (Evaluation)
15 Analyst Communication (Investigation) or Perception (Searching)
16 Service Technician Dexterity (Traps) or Intelligence (Engineering)
17 Nepote Dexterity (Lock Picking) or Dexterity (Stealth)
18 Supervisor Communication (Leadership) or Perception (Seeing)

You wish people would stop walking away when explaining your Excel spreadsheet.

You are surrounded by sheeple.

Assistant Manager
You know that promotion is just one more compliment away. 

Copy Editor
You are all that stands between ‘pubic’ and ‘public.’

Data Entry
You know this can’t last, so you might as well get a stapler out of it before you leave.

Human Resources
You have faith that, with enough sensitivity training, these idiots will work it out.

You are full of hope, youth, and know the location of the three nearest Starbucks.

Marketing Director
You know what people want.

You are literally the boss’s nephew/niece, but you’re pretty sure no one knows that… right?

Network Admin
You are more than a code monkey, you also enjoy Cheetos and Mountain Dew. 

Public Relations
You know how to put the best spin on things.

Sales Rep
You work hard, you play hard, and it’s not alcoholism if you’re doing it for work.

Service Technician
You are who people call when hitting it doesn’t work.

You prefer the term “team leader.” You know from reading self-help books what motivates people and have eyes on the back of your head. 

You are just trying to pay the bills until the band makes it big.

You have seen things… Luckily you have three cats at home to console you.


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