7 thoughts on “Age of Star Wars Beta Launch

  1. I’m curious, Do you plan to go all the way up to level 20 like in FA and DA or keep it at level 10 as the cap?
    Also if you are keeping it at 10 what was your reason behind that choice?
    Won’t characters be abit more squishy than like in FA or DA at level like 18?
    Sorry for all the questions I’m just really intrigued by this project.
    You may want to have a look at the updated Star Wars D6 RPG (REUP) that has come out recently as you could get afew good ideas for this project.


    1. No worries, I am just glad that people are interested and really looking forward to getting playtest information. I do not plan to raise the level limit but it is not set in stone. The reason being that since most campaigns are going to take place at those earlier levels, I want to be sure that design is solid and people are happy with there characters. My areas of most concern are how Force Powers are going to function in play and that each of the five classes are distinctive and enjoyable. I will definitely check out Staw Wars D6, is there anything from there that you especially like? How long have you been playing and what are the pros/cons of the game?


      1. I haven’t played the D6 Star Wars one but I’ve got the new updated rules and read over them and it seems very similar to what Green Ronin has done with AGE.
        I am still looking over your pdf but I am interested in seeing how well it works. Especially with force powers as thats always something of talk. Some times it doesn’t work or is too overpowered.
        I am definitely keeping an eye on this.


  2. D6 happens to be my favorite version of SW rpgs.
    I can’t wait to dig into this to see what you did. Good job on finishing!


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