On Your Toes: Initiative Stunts for Fantasy AGE

This has come up a number of times when I have run Fantasy AGE. Together with board member, VladGenX, we came up with a solution to making initiative rolls a little more interesting.

SP Cost Stunt
1+ Sudden Turn of Events: You can add 1 to your initiative per SP you spend.
1 Surprise Blow: You get a +1 bonus on your attack roll against an enemy that has not yet acted during the round.
2 Stay Hidden: You have a chance to go unnoticed and immediately make a Dexterity (Stealth) test if you have concealment or cover from the enemy.
3 Fast-Talker: You can briefly convince enemies that you are not a threat. During the first round of the Encounter, any enemy that targets you with an attack or spell must make an opposed test of their Willpower (Self-Discipline) versus your Communication (Persuasion). Spells or effects that target multiple targets ignore the effects of this stunt as long as another target is also affected.
3 Quick Reaction: You can take a Minor Action before the combat encounter begins.
4 Act First: You take first turn despite initiative order for the first round, and then you get dropped to your normal place afterwards.
5 Lightning-Quick Reaction: You can take a Major Action before the combat encounter begins.
6 No Hesitation: You can take a full turn before the combat encounter begins, then another turn on your normal place in the initiative order.

3 thoughts on “On Your Toes: Initiative Stunts for Fantasy AGE

  1. I like this addition. My players complained about stunt points not mattering on initiative rolls. Sort of an issue with failed attack rolls too.

    I think I might just apply the first stunt only and it serves it’s purpose for our game. You essentially add the stunt die to your initiative roll if you roll doubles.

    I really wonder if I should do the same thing on an attack roll. Add the stunt die to your attack roll if you roll doubles.


    1. I can see that working. Not sure how it would work at higher levels, but it would make those Defense 14 goblins at level 1 a little less deadly 🙂


      1. Freakin 14 defense Goblins. I did a test run with my players playing their level 1 characters and just picked a random minor threat and it came up Goblins…ugh, that was a much longer encounter than it should have been.


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