Star Wars: Age of the Empire

Part of doing the final round of edits to the beta test document is giving everything a little more attention and polish. I was never really enthused about the name, it was something I just kind of settle on and was felt it was too generic or evocative enough for what I was going for. After re-watching The Force Awakens (for probably the fourth time…), I realized that the Empire is what made those original movies: powerful, intimidating, and widespread. Heroes are defined by adversity and the Empire was an excellent counter-point, making the Rebellion that more desperate and heroic by comparison.

With that, the next version of the ruleset will be Star Wars: Age of the Empire. This is an excerpt from the forthcoming document of what that entails:

Place in the Star Wars Timeline: Star Wars is a vast setting that spans thousands of years and decades of multi-media. The era that this adaptation takes place is from the end of the Clone Wars and the proclamation of the First Galactic Empire to their defeat at the Battle of Jakku and the signing of the Galactic Concordance, a period known as the Age of the Empire.

During this time and across the original movies, the dominance of the Empire suppressing cultural and technological growth, what technology that could be produced outside of the Empire was less polished and more rugged, and force-users were far more rare.

Also, in case you missed it, there is a new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer. 

7 thoughts on “Star Wars: Age of the Empire

  1. I’m so stoked for this. Hope the Rancor and Krayt dragon will be creatures in the adversaries.

    Probably be pretty easy to use the Templates from Fantasy age for the dragon the ogre for the Rancor. Star wars: Age of the empire name wise, is pretty close to the Fantasy flight star wars game. I’m following this like a Hawk, i’d even give a hand with some stuff if need be. Help out play testing.

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    1. Thanks! Next week is more of a tribal/wilderness-themed A&A. Rancor was definitely going to be included but I had not thought about krayt. I will add it in to the mix and if you have suggestions how they could be better, I would love to hear them. Also, would love any playtesting info you have if you were a player or running this at a table.


      1. And yeah, admittedly it does sound a lot like ‘Edge of the Empire” or ‘Age of Rebellion.’ I was never satisfied with the name ‘Age of Star Wars,’ just too generic. Going over the playtest doc I noticed that the Empire was really prominent, especially in what items and equipment is considered contraband. This is unlike many adaptations I have seen and after watching The Force Awakens, I realized the Empire was something I wanted to emphasize. I am open to a name change, but I think I am going to stick with it for now.


  2. I do like Age of the empire. Could always do something like Star wars age: The empire. Or something to that affected, like having the Age name in with star wars.


  3. And I also had a question about the Lightsabers. In the beta they are doing 3d6 penetrating damage. and the other doing 2d6, I was wondering what balancing you had in mind with the high damage and being able to penetrate. I see that its illegal so that would cause some really nice encounters or RP because you have a lightsaber. But would their be any armor or weapons that negate the penetrations or halves the penetration effect. I was just curious about this.


    1. A good question and something that has already changed during the playtest. The last time I ran, lightsabers do 2d6, saberstaffs do 2d6+2 and lightsabers pikes do 1d6+3. As of now, there is no way to mitigate the penetrating damage from lightsabers. However, the previous version developed by Enrique Bertran suggested that he was going to have specific rules for lightsaber combat. I was never going to go that far, but I was toying with the idea of a Parry as a Major action. The intention would have been that you are able to block a lightsaber attack and have a chance to counter if you rolled a high enough TN.


      1. Cool, yeah i like the lower damage. Lightsaber pike sounds nice at that damage where the blade of the lightsaber it self would have a smaller area. One Thing i was thinking of is like Cortosis material. Cortosis can block a lightsaber hit pretty well in combat. Most weapons that are using for battle contains this metal. You can even have a method of Cortosis that allows the lightsaber blade to short out. Though i believe if a lightsaber had enough time it could cut through it. But i imaging during a combat scene, it would be pretty near impossible as the lightsaber wielder wouldn’t have enough time to get through it. But if it was added i’d suggest making it pretty expensive.


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