Age of Star Wars: Downside of the Dark Side

“The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider unnatural.” -Emperor Palpatine

Dark_Jedi_Master_(card)This power does not come without a cost. Unlike other Force Powers, those from the Dark Side have the potential to backfire upon the Force-user. When you roll a Force (Dark Side) ability test and the result does not reach the Target Number, you immediately suffer one of the drawbacks listed below according to the Stunt Die.

For more on Dark Force powers, see the previous post on the topic.

Dark Side Drawbacks
Stunt Die Drawback
1 Blight: You immediately lose 2d6 Health.
2 Sever: You are unable to use Force powers for 1d6 rounds
3 Backlash: You are stunned for 1 round.
4 Spurned: You receive –1 penalty to recharge rolls, except on Dark Side powers.
5 Doomed: You receive –1 penalty to all opposed ability tests, but gain +1 Defense for the remainder of the encounter.
6 Fury: You receive –1 penalty to attack rolls and Defense, but gain +1 to damage rolls for the remainder of the encounter.

c11b11750d1816f88b195585160da495FALL TO THE DARK SIDE
Aligning to the Dark Side of the Force has tremendous repercussions and often comes at great personal cost. Doing so dramatically changes the tone of character, becoming an antihero whose path is forever changed by what lead to his or her fall. This is often a single crucial moment or dramatic event that marks this transition wherein the character committed a grievous crime against his or her own conscience, such as betraying a friend or loved one. Afterward, he or she may feel that nothing is left but to embrace the darkness or that he or she is beyond redemption, acting in many ways differently than before the event.

Characters after this point are aligned to the Dark Side of the Force and do not suffer the potential drawbacks of using Dark Side Force Powers. Instead, the character begins to manifest signs of his or her corruption. After failing a Force (Dark Side) ability test to use a Force Power, roll 2d6 and apply the result from the table below. Note that not all manifestations have a benefit.

Dark Side Manifestations
Roll 2d6 Manifestation
2 Shadow: Darkness and shadows cling to you, deepening and further obscuring you from view. You gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) ability tests.
3-4 Eyes: Your eyes blaze with fury and smolder with hatred, becoming red with a yellow ring around the irises.
5 Voice: Your cloying tones reverberate with subtle Dark Force energy, seducing the listener. You gain a +1 bonus to Communication (Bargaining, Deception, and Seduction) ability tests.
6 Skin: Your scars and skin thicken and harden. You gain +1 Armor Rating.
7-8 Deformity: Outward signs of corruption physically manifest in any number of ways, such as your wounds scar rather than heal, your skin pales, your eyes bulge or you develop a persistent hacking cough.
9 Destructive: Passion and pride do not make you a victim of your whims but instead gives you strength. You gain a +1 bonus to Strength (Intimidation and Might) ability tests.
10-11 Aggression: Heightened by anger and suspicion, you are weary and always ready for an altercation. You gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity (Initiative) ability tests.
12 Malevolence: A faint aura of Dark Force energy surrounds you at all times. Animals and non-intelligent sentient creatures do not willingly approach you or immediately become hostile.


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