Pathfinder Humble Bundle

If you have ever been interested in Pathfinder, now is the time to take the leap. Right now, over $300 worth of Pathfinder content is available and to sweeten the deal, for $25 you get all of it plus the Pathfinder Beginner Box. Go get it all NOW! Continue reading Pathfinder Humble Bundle

Chocolate in the Peanut Butter: Pathfinder in 5E

There are many similarities between Pathfinder D&D 5E. It is not only because they are both d20-based games but also of their shared heritage and analogous method of determining success. Having played through Hoard of the Dragon Queen and a good portion of The Rise of Tiamat, and given 5E’s very small product catalogue, there are a number of Paizo products that provide interesting options for gameplay and … Continue reading Chocolate in the Peanut Butter: Pathfinder in 5E