Green Ronin Announces Game Master’s Kits for Fantasy AGE

If you are like me, you have been using your old Dragon AGE materials for your Fantasy AGE game. Earlier this month, Green Ronin announced that it would release Game Master’s Kit for Fantasy AGE to be released in January. Quoting from the blog post.

Namely, all (GM kits for their RPG lines) have a sturdy, hardback GM screen, four double-sided rules reference cards, and a combat tracker. The latter is a card for keeping track of initiative and other combat considerations, and you can write on it with dry or wet erase markers.

Although the combat tracker is a nice surprise, I was a little disappointed by only having four rules reference cards. If they are anything like the ones for Dragon AGE, two cards make up a set with what the players need. There were six rules reference cards, or three sets, with Dragon AGE and I found that to be just the right number for three players at the table.

The blog post also mentions booklets for some of the other GM’s kits and would not be surprised if the one for Fantasy AGE included one as well, as there is a lot of content that remains un-converted. These are rules for such things as mass combat, poisons and traps, and special materials for armor and weapons. All the box sets from Dragon AGE also had a decent number of monsters, so it is likely that we may see the bestiary for Fantasy AGE be expanded with this release as well.

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