Age of Star Wars Preview

Below is a preview of the print-friendly version of Age of Star Wars. Still working on balancing on embellishments with keeping it non-ink intensive. As it is meant for print, it will not have some of the hyperlink functions seen in the Beta test document. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Age of Star Wars Preview

  1. One thing I notice in the beta4 PDF is that you don’t mention how long a power cell lasts. Also, do you plan on putting in anything about overcharging a weapon (which would give it greater power for a short time but not only burn out the power cell faster but also possibly damage the weapon. Just a thought)?

    My group may be picking this up to try out after we finish our current Pathfinder path.


    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. The way it is intended is that I did not want players to have to keep track of ammo for most weapons. Certain weapons though have a sort of shot limit, that is denoted in the ‘Reload’ column. For example, a bowcaster can shoot 10 times in combat until it needs to be reloaded. If you do not exceed 10 shots, then the power cells have enough time to cool down, and you are good to go in the next combat without having to reload.

      The Repeater weapon group has an overcharging feature. They are not in the playtest document, but are in a blog post. With repeaters, you can spend a minor action to get an extra attack. However, this burns out the power cell and you have to reload after. I am not sure if that is explained in my post, but hopefully it makes sense here.

      I would love to hear your playtest feedback if your group decides on this. Just let me know if there are any other gray areas that I can clarify (I know that there are a few).


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